Showgirls to A-bombs

When we think of Las Vegas, we first think of gambling, booze and showgirls, but there was life before sin in the Mojave Desert and the Nevada State Museum takes you on a historical journey to prove it.

Vintage showgirl costume.Show Girl

Mammoths roamed the west long before it dried into a desert.Exhibit Entrance

Native Americans lived peacefully on this land for centuries.Native American

An early version of the Travel Trailer.Stagecoach

Can you imagine how careful a writer had to be back in the days before auto-correct? Typewriter

A century old camera.Camera

This headline HAWAII IS BOMBED BY JAP AIRPLANES changed the world forever.War!

An atom bomb explosion in the Nevada desert.Bomb

Spectators were given a handbook as they watched and cheered the atomic bomb tests being conducted just 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.Handbook

“The future can change into anything, so enjoy the here and now with everything you’ve got and do your part to make tomorrow a better and brighter day for us all.” -Steven Goth-


Showgirls to A-bombs — 4 Comments

    • It’s quite interesting and if you visit during the cooler months the outdoor garden area is great too. The Springs Preserves complex is definitely large enough to spend a long day exploring it.

      It’s so nice to see you here on my blog. (((Big Hugs)))

  1. Oh cool. We don’t go to Vegas as we used to, but one day we’ll be going through and will add this to our itinerary! Thanks. I love a good museum.

    • I love a good museum too. I wish Vegas had more, but considering there was none back in the 80’s, I’m happy with my city’s progress.

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