Wylde and I recently explored Centennial Hills Park in Las Vegas and this is the video footage from that relaxing afternoon. As you might know, my new toy is a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition camera and I’ve filmed anything and everything that has crossed my path lately. (No worries though, I will slow down on my video postings once the novelty wears off.)

I’ve experimented with new camera angles because the GoPro’s small size and versatility allows for non-traditional shots. My goal is to perfect movement within movement, but for now you will have to put up with a bit of camera shake as my arm muscles have not matched what my brain is telling them yet.

In this video I mounted the camera to the end of a five foot pole, which gave me the freedom to easily transition from a ground level perspective to an airborne one. Enjoy the ride and I hope you don’t get dizzy.

(If this video stops and starts, click off the HD feature on the play ↑ bar.)


Soaring — 9 Comments

  1. That was fun and relaxing to look at, yet stimulating to the senses and mind. I loved it Steven. I love the 3rd and last two photos best. The angles and un-uniform balance is perfect. Thanks for sharing this

    • Thanks for leaving a comment here instead of Facebook, Ish. It’s not that I don’t want comments on FB, but my little blog gets lonely with no one to talk to.

      The flock of pigeons was really fun to watch because they kept flying around and around the area. Of course, it was due to us standing where they wanted to land that kept them in flight.

      We are lucky to have so many parks in our general neighborhood. Vegas really tries to give its people a place to go instead of the casinos. However, I can’t wait to take the GoPro on a road trip.

      • I really liked the part of the vid that had the lone bird as well. The whole video was nice and it was great to see Wylde involved too. I think it’s been great for your creativity that Wylde is working from home. Keep it up!

  2. I’ll post here and FB. Knowing your blog is comment lonely made me tear up *L*

    I am enjoying you having fun with this camera. I get to see different angles of your world 😉

    That accidental picture is gorgeous. Like two creative minds making that pic by mistake.

    Wylde’s photos are really nice.Shows what he does for a living.

    Tired of him working from home yet? heehee….just kidding

    • Wylde is an underwriter in the mortgage industry, not sure his company would appreciate his artistic side. 🙂

      I like him being home, even though I don’t talk to or see him much more than I used to as he stays tucked away in his home office all day. However, we do have lunch together and walk around the neighborhood during his mid-day break now.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous park! Great sculptures and cool rock combinations. I’d like to walk there too. Ish is right – the bird in slow mo is terrific. Yeah, Wylde has a great eye; his shots were terrific. Thanks for taking us along – it’s going to be fun to explore your camera with you.

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