Something Fishy

In reality the ocean frightens me. The mere idea of floating through a dark, murky and vast unknown populated with dangerous creatures is enough to send shivers up my spine, so I created my own ‘friendlier’ version of the deep blue abyss.  Enjoy…


1344987930_Fish out of water

1344987941_only fish

1344987949_Shark Attack

1344987956_Ugly Fish


Something Fishy — 4 Comments

  1. They are all brilliant, Steven. They are so full of detail and colour, which makes them instantly attractive before the added bonus of any puns in the ‘story’.

    • Thanks Rob. As I was updating this blog, it occurred to me that I had not posted much from this underwater series. I’ve posted them on Facebook before though.

  2. Steve
    These are full of fun & the color is wonderful. i do enjoy all of them but I believe my fav is Reflections of a ugly fish..
    Thank you for sharing them
    BIG HUGS coming your way

    • Reflections Of A Ugly Fish is one of my favorites too. Imagine a mirror that reflects only the inner beauty….of course, it could go the other way if a pretty fish had an ugly personality.

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