Spirits From Beyond


Back in year 1999, I sketched this picture of a dog by using a fun and surprising technique that required a floor tile, typing paper and a pencil. I gently rubbed the pencil across the paper, using the rough surface of the tile beneath as a guide to expose any hidden shapes molded into the texture of the tile. Once a shape began to appear, I then enhanced the areas surrounding it to give the drawing depth. I didn’t have a preconceived idea in mind, instead, I allowed the tile and the pencil to create the image for me. Of course, you need to apply a little pressure as you sketch and if done correctly…. a ghostly image will appear right before your eyes.

Think of this technique as similar to the Ouija Board. Allow the pencil to act as a tool for communication with the spirits from beyond and if something needs to be said, they will speak directly to you through imagery.

The above sketch of the dog certainly spoke to me, but not until thirteen years later when I realized it looked eerily like our dog Sabrina.(Born eight years after I drew the picture)

Even if you are not the creative or superstitious type, you can still give this fun and spooky pastime a try. You never know, there could be a message from beyond waiting for you to retrieve it.


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    • Stone tiles for the floor usually have a rough surface, Sue. You could use any material that has roughness to it, even weathered wood. (as long as it’s flat) Sidewalk surfaces might do the trick too. If you try one and a picture appears, post it on facebook so I can see it.:)

  1. This is really awesome..
    I can remember putting paper over a coin a doing this. And I have used a rough surface making designs =) As for my drawing abilities..Not so good =)
    BIG HUGS Irene

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