Split Personality

Spliced and diced is the best way to explain these photographs. I cut them into pieces and flipped and turned and twisted until I came up with something interesting. It wasn’t as simple as it sounds because other finishing elements were added, but if I gave away my secrets nobody would be amazed anymore.




Split Personality — 8 Comments

    • Thanks Erin. I’d like to see them printed on canvas. (except for Palm Create, it’s my least favorite) I am working on more of these, but you never know how or if they will work out in the end. It’s a creative crap shoot!

  1. Now that I’m thinking about it, they remind me of the cool kaleidoscope toys I use to play with when I was a little girl. 😀

  2. Wow, these are cool. I love that you have so many artistic skills and talents. It’s such a joy to keep discovering new things about you.

    • Thanks. I get bored sometimes and lazy, so instead of getting in my car and driving somewhere to take new pictures, I play with the old ones.

  3. Yes it was a headache, but only a parisian engineer could disguise the HVAC duct work in such a beautiful manor. You hit on my favorite – rich blue & gold. You reached into my mind on the staircase. I’ve been on that staircase in my dreams 1000 times trying to escape – in slow motion by the way- total panic.

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