Steve’s Astrology Lesson

Always expect this…
(collected from many years of knowing people)

Always expect an ARIES to give you advice about everything in the known universe.

Always expect a TAURUS to live way beyond their financial means.

Always expect a GEMINI to share their life story with you and then disappear into the night.

Always expect a CANCER to be really strange.

Always expect a LEO to have great hair and a pocket full of secrets. Also, expect them to deny they have an ego problem.

Always expect a VIRGO to explain in great detail why YOU are wrong.

Always expect a LIBRA to be better dressed then you.

Always expect a SCORPIO to do the opposite of what you expected them to do.

Always expect a SAGITTARIUS to say the wrong thing at the worst time.

Always expect a CAPRICORN to believe they are more intelligent than you.

Always expect an AQUARIUS to be super busy doing things. (even if there is nothing to do)

Always expect a PISCES to forget 85% of everything.


Steve’s Astrology Lesson — 17 Comments

  1. Love your Signs Steve 🙂 and yes, I’m always busy… Hahaha, if there’s nothing to do, I’ll create something to do. Boredom doesn’t fair well with me. You must have a little Aquarian in you tooo…. LOL, love ya 😉

    • I am influenced by Aquarians because there are so many of them flying around me at the speed of light. lol In Astrology, we are not the best match, but for some reason, I find the Aquarian personality interesting. Part of the appeal might be in the emotional coolness and control you guys have, it counter balances my emotions that are always overheating. Thanks for reading this again Dani. (Originally I posted it on MySpace years ago)

  2. you should see my credit card balances AND limits!!foolish people LOL – no really i do pay them off in full everymonth. btw no libra has ever been better dressed than me. thanks for the astology lesson. LOL

  3. Aries, please sit still and shut up
    Taurus, step away from the dip
    Gemini, no more coffee for you.
    Cancer, they didn’t mean it
    Leo, …hello Leo!!…ah never mind
    Virgo, way TOO MANY vitamins
    Scorpio, stop screaming at strangers
    Sagittarius, for god sake stick to something
    Capricorn, finish this sentence “I feel…” come on, you can do it.
    Aquarius, stop letting strangers crash on our sofa
    Pisces, yes it IS stealing if you borrow it without asking

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