Straight From The Bible

Here is an example of a few murderous and ridiculous rules written in the Bible. The highlighted areas I found particularly interesting, but read the entire excerpt to get the full idea of how outdated and ignorant these words actually are. (I scanned this from an actual Bible) It amazes me that people are still treating this book as a valuable guide to life in modern times.  It’s no wonder people are so screwed up and hatred still permeates throughout society. In my opinion, this book reads more like a horror novel.


Straight From The Bible — 11 Comments

  1. Guard thine own testicles well!
    How did these random crushings happen?!?
    And from ’30’…I guess these are the original muthafuckas! 🙂

    It is all such a complete load of bollocks, isn’t it? It just makes me shake my head to think that so many people STILL want to follow this crock of shit, but nowadays only cherry-pick the verses that attack the people they are scared of, through a lack of education and happily accepted hearsay!

    • In many ways it is very frightening people still live by this book and it’s rules. However, I have noticed more people have turned away from the bible and now live by their own rules of basic compassion, understanding and love…with or without a working set of testicles! lol

  2. As I mentioned before if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it still make a sound………Why do people find the wicked things in the world to follow instead of listening to their hearts but I suppose you have to have a heart or testicles first.

    • Crazy isn’t it? I might start wearing protective testicle gear from now on… know, just in case the Bible is right. haha

  3. I do love the bit about adding tassels and yet not even the fundamentalists have tassels as part of their winter ensemble! Stone them who wear not the tassel of God. Part of God is definitely Gay: “You shall not plough with an ox and an ass together.” Fair enough! I’d never pick up an ox in a gay bar and I’d be delighted to plough ass all day long. Virginity has tokens? Where can I buy some? The message is clear – don’t stick tokens up your choo-choo. And, at least we know the price of a f*** in biblical times was 50 shekels if the woman is not already engaged. That is more expensive than a gin and tonic. Not a tenth generation? Dang, that’s harsh. That means ALL one’s ancestor’s on the tenth generation down must have been born in wedlock. That’s 3,567 individuals from parents to great grand x10 parents. The God of these believers appears to be mad. Quite psychotic, except for the tassels – there he shows very good taste.

  4. I know that at least the first five books should read “For Hebrews Only.” But not even they could half pull it off. They formed a men’s club to sit and try to figure it all out, and come up with interpretations that the people could live with.

    Yes, the books are scary. They scared the shit out of me when I was young and forced to listen. But not so scared that I didn’t go right ahead and do what I wanted, when I wanted, and with whom I wanted. To me, life and my own mind mandated my actions and still does.

    People who take the Bible literally, or trot out the scriptures when they serve a vile, personal purpose, make me sick. Through time they have been using it, or earlier versions to kill innocent people, women a lot of the time, in gruesome, horrible ways.

    The Bible and all its spin offs are for control. Just that and nothing more. I know there are some who get something spiritually uplifting out
    of it. What that is I can’t fathom, but as long as they keep it to themselves, we’re cool. Me, I favor a rock and roll philosophy.

    • joella, i applaud you and your biblical knowledge. but love that u listen to yourself and reason – not this nonesense.
      i have not much of an interest in religions because of writing as this. it boggles my mind (the bible). i think i guestion every thing any ever quotes even as simple a phrase as god created us in hid own image – then why r we not god like and what IS god like? oh i could go on and on – sorry

      • Hey Sue. Yeah but I had that stuff pounded into me from a very early age, and pretty much constantly too. I hate to speak bad things about my parents. What I know now that I couldn’t have known then was they thought they were doing the right thing. My Dad was the first to open his mind, and we became friends. My Mom only ever relented a little, but it seemed like a lot. What makes me so mad is that book was all they thought they had to go by, and it bit them both in the ass. It was hard to watch, harder to help them pick up the pieces and go on. I know what you mean about feeling like going on and on about it.

    • I am afraid the battle between the self-righteous and us will continue on for all eternity…unless aliens finally let themselves be known and clear up where humans actually came from. lol (I watch too much of the ANCIENT ALIENS television series.)

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