Different Crap, Same Street.

I am 49 years old. . . I am Gay. . . I am creative. . . and I am lost. The recent years have been very good to me because I have love. What I don’t have is a clear direction for the rest of my life. Also, my body has given me warning signs that something may breakdown if I do not change my eating and exercise habits. So, I have decided to chronicle my everyday journey into better health and well-being through my blog.


Different Crap, Same Street. — 12 Comments

  1. aw I’m sorry noone’s made y ou a birthday video, Happy Belated Birthday! I can’t promise the video will be any good or professional, but I’ll make one when it’s your birthday! 🙂

    • Thanks Jackie. Now worries about making me a special birthday video, your comments and online support for my blog, YouTube and Zazzle have been awesome! However, my birthday is in October if your really want to make one…..:) ((((big Christmas hug))))

  2. Steve, hate to see you sad. I will tell you that many times I have watched yours and Wild’s vids and have made me laugh when I needed it most. I spent most of my life worrying until the last few years, beleive it or not. Something about getting older I think, for me. I can relate to the comment about traveling the same roads. I still travel some of the roads I grew up around. The same thing happens to me when I do.


    • Thank you Steven. Sadness is a normal part of life and in being such an emotional person, I often end up as my own worst enemy. lol Lately, I have been feeling ‘off’ somehow and can’t help but believe it has something to do with NOT being physically active. My ‘off’ feeling is serious enough that I need to take action against it. I am not sure where to begin, so I thought sharing my journey thru this blog might help keep my motivation moving forward.

      I admire the honesty in your videos as you fight to overcome the negative effects of being a JW. You seem to have much support from others who have walked down the same road and that must be helpful for you. More or less, that is my goal here….to break free of the emotional and physical restraints that have been setting up road blocks in my life.

      I decide to disable the comments on YouTube for this video series because I’d much rather communicate in a less public and more personal forum.

      • Thank you for the complement, something I am trying to allow myself to accept as I grow older. Being raised in a high control group and overcoming it, isn’t the only thing that seems to put obsticles in my/other paths in our/their journey’s. Physical inactivity is not a good thing and something I have been thinking about recently. A lot. There are and always will be spammers in real life and online. Believe me, if you saw the private messages people that are so called “christian” have sent to me on youtube and other forums. It affects every aspect of human society. I remember, when I meet up with some of these people to think of how many others I know that aren’t this way. I then realize they outnumber the ones that are.

  3. This is interesting. I’ve moved so many times in my life and so really had to think about what it would be like to drive over the same places for so long. It’s hard to imagine being frustrated with it; I’ve always been envious of those who know where everything is and don’t have to learn new directions all the time. Funny how our different experiences change our POV, right?
    Thanks for challenging my ‘auto thoughts’ as you so often do.

  4. steven, u write about NOT being physicallly active. i never was! hated exersize!!it was ok if u got some doing what u enjoy like sex or a sport or walking your dog! now i am all alone (meaning family and husband) and i am handicapped (MS). i quit drinking and smoking so the bar scene was no fun and u lose alot of “friends” when u don’t drink with with them or see them as often – very hard to get people out of the bar. so i was just sitting around bored and decided i needed to do something – anything! i went to a community center thinking i could do some easy exersize there – was cheap but i was not old enough! so i paid the teacher directly so no one knew the difference. that little exersise group was one of the best things that ever happened to me!! try it – start simple like i did and go from there – u WILL find a path. i am now into qi gong and tai chi and iron body and even tried fan at a meditation and healing type of center and i have made new friends too. i cannot do alot of the martial art type moves coz of my legs but i will – u watch and see! so remember your motivation and get busy – it feels great!!!!

  5. you did it again, it just amazes me when i find someone talking about things I have been going thru, and unable to put words into it….im 59, feeling as tho i have been wandering in the wilderness for 42 years…got married at 17, and went thru death of my inlaws and two sisterinlaws 7 years later, found myself divorced with in the next 7 years, leaving the security and comfort of home with my children…. have been thru hell and back, and when i woke up my body was broke down, its taken me 7 years to be able to walk around the block, and the weight sticks around longer and longer….and what do i have to show for the hell, friends are no where to be found unless i go find them, relatives have either died or pretty well disowned me since my adopted parents are gone…..I drive 8 blocks to work when the weather is bad, or ride my bike when its nice….I live 5 houses from where I left 42 years ago….the roads are familure, the main street is filled with memories of happier days, and of buisinesses I have tried to make a living which never happened, circumstances beyond my control took me under. Its a journey of going around the same mountains picking up the same stones, following the same trails, with nothing new to be exicited about….

    <<<<<< that picture on the left….was in my dream one night….dont know what it means but it was a happier day when i woke up that morning….

    • It’s the memories that seem to cause the most damage to our emotions, so to be living in the same place for a lifetime only intensifies the feeling. Sometimes I look for out-of-the-way roads to drive down, just to break the mundane.

      I am lucky to have a close family living in the same city, but there are only three of us. However, many of our relatives from the east coast visit on a regular bases. . . that might have more to do with us living in fabulous Las Vegas than family though. 🙂 Who wants to vacation in Minnesota! ha

  6. Just signed up, really good posts I can relate too. I am 59, just moved to Las Vegas, feeling totally lost and staying with my Mom which has been really hard. I have been a Realtor for 17 years and will get my license here. Want to do property management too. Any ideas throw them my way.

    My sister told me about Steven today, glad I found this page.

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