No Motivation

Post Christmas and all the December aggravations have smoothed out. My Facebook profile was resurrected and is spam/virus free. I’m now ready to embark on my journey to healthier living. . . with one exception, I have no motivation!

Update – I did manage to take down our Christmas tree by late afternoon and would have done more had it not been for the 3 hour phone conversation with JJ Austin.  (She was a welcome diversion. lol)

My next project…


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  1. I sort of feel like that, too, about the internet. I find I’m spending a lot of time there and not getting other things done. Here is a website (oh, oh! more internet) for some yoga
    I hope to do more of this—–even though I’m an old woman. Exercise is good for a lot—–especially elevating one’s mood.
    Courage. Your website is beautifully done.

    • Thank you Ida. I’ve been reading a book about yoga and keep thinking it might be something I could get interested in. I will be sure to watch the video link also. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. . . I enjoy writing it and am thrilled when others enjoy reading it.

  2. Yeah, when I can convince myself to hike or walk or anything like that, my emotional health is better as is my physical health. Maybe I need to put matches in my shoes to get me moving! Good luck figuring out that you are worth it; I believe that’s the only permanent motivation. But don’t know how to get to that feeling.

    • It sounds like we are all in a similar boat with exercise, Liz. I tried to light a match yesterday, but ended up with nothing more than a wet stick. haha

  3. A lot of us go through that same syndrome. It’s almost like when we are overwhelmed with so much to do, we end up getting debilitated and do nothing. Don’t feel too badly about that…it happens from time to time. Luckily, most of the time, it’s a phase. I’m jumping back onto a more active lifestyle that I had up until a few months ago when my dad passed away. We have to allow ourselves to fall down sometimes. All the best to you!

    • Thanks Raven. My phase has lasted about 3 years. lol Today I am meeting a friend for Starbucks and a walk around a beautiful park. . . although, she doesn’t know we are walking yet…. 🙂

  4. steven,as u know i hae MS and cannot take a walk – oh that would be great! but since i do not work anymore(or drink anymore) life gets boring so what i have done is to get into a group exersize class – low impact aerobics for old people – that is my speed now! lol then i had surgery the begining of this year and was in a rhab place for 3 months learning how to walk on my good leg. p.t. kept me going as far as exersize and was an accomplishment daily. now i have found qi gong classes! not strenuous but great way to work out some and get in touch with your self! i did up to iron body in that. now starting tai chi – very different but same outcome also alot of men in these classes! try one – it at least gets u out of the house and u meet some new people! oh and don’t go on line until u have done something that day – like a reward system!! lol

    • Good idea, Sue, about rewarding myself. I tend to be more willing to write in the morning, so perhaps I should set a time to turn the computer off and not allow it to be turned back on until I have exercised or been active in some way. Yes. . . that is what I will do.

  5. Steve, I suffer a lot with anxiety too…

    While I might seem to come across as though everything is alright on my videos… I often have waves of major ups and downs…

    I can be tough sometimes, but I have found my recent move to the beach has helped me a lot…

    I have also had two major nervous breakdowns in my life, so I can relate to a lot of people that suffer depression… Its a real thing, and I battle it myself…

    I found that earlier this year when I was on my health kick and lot a lot of weight was eating good food was my happiest time, but I feel back into my old habits when a major thing happened in wife life…

    But 2012 is a new year for me, I plan on losing the weight again, growing my hair long, and enjoying life a little more…

    That’s my plan… 🙂

    • That’s what I like about you, Darren, your honesty. Anxiety is a bitch, to put it mildly. I actually have been much better over the last year, but I really shouldn’t be because there have been 3 deaths of loved ones since the spring.

      I don’t suffer depression as much as I suffer nervous anxiety. My goal is to lessen the negative effects through diet and exercise and see where it leads me. Like you, I have had periods in my life where I was very active and I felt happier during those times too. The Internet is a good tool because it allows us to reach out and share our journey of better living with others. . . and we all need encouragement!

      I had to smile when you said you want to grow your hair long because I would love to do the same thing, but my hair is too fine. . . However, I am going to let it grow for a while anyway and depending on how it looks come the spring, I might even rid myself of the silver (most of it anyway.)

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Darren.

  6. I am so sorry you’re going through this as it’s especially acute at Christmas. We humans are poly-psychic animals, meaning we have all different parts of the psyche to satisfy; some below the water, some above it. Coming to a wrestling point of how we assess ourselves in universal and personal terms is a hard road and a blind one. I wish I was there for long conversational support. If it helps, I can do you astrology chart for you. I have long since ceased practicing it but do it every now and again. Just mail me, time place and date of birth and I’ll send back reams of words. XXXX from OZ.

    • My goal is to look 30 again!! haha Oh well, the next best thing is to look good at 49. . . So, if I don’t get off my lazy butt that will never happen. I’d love an astrology chart. . . but let me warn you – I have so much ‘water’ in my planetary makeup that you may want to run for cover after you read it. (my info is on it’s way)

  7. Have been there a few times in my life. I feel the emotional cycle I am in sort of lifting. I am actually looking forward to planning for the spring and the yard this year. BTW. Your yard looks great, even in the winter. Take the coffee outside and enjoy, with a warm coat and hat:). As for the last comment on your vid, I have looked back at my first few vids and realize I have become fat! lol Well not really, but my physical activity has declined. Not good for someone that sits at a desk all day for work.

    • Maybe we can do the ‘shaping up’ together. By the sound of things, several who have commented here are also wanting to improve themselves. It’s a shame we all can’t meet somewhere (like a beachfront resort) and spend 3 months beautifying our minds and bodies. Of course, the first week would have to be spent eating really good (unhealthy) food and drinking plenty of cocktails with the cute little umbrellas sticking out of them. But after that…

  8. I can relate to all of the people here including you Steven. That’s so rare it’s mind boggling. Good stuff.

    On a few levels I’ve been sort of paralyzed for nearly three years. I don’t want to subject anyone to the reasons why. Does it matter? We all get stuck for one reason or another at times, and the result for one is the same for another.

    I think life presents these times for us to move through to find new ways of being. And it’s hard. Especially for those of us with anxiety disorders. Not that it’s easy for anyone. It takes time and active experimentation, I’m finding.

    I’m planning a new porch garden, and will begin buying pots and other containers this weekend. I have to have projects like this to keep me moving. I’m a very flighty pisces and if I don’t start moving in a certain direction I flop down and turn to passive activities. They have their place too though.

    I’ve been told over and over to start drinking large quantities of water as a beginning to being healthier, and I am starting that today.

    The best of luck to you. I know your finished garden (are gardens ever really finished?) will be beautiful. I know you can do whatever you intend doing. One step at a time for all of us. The future isn’t scary. Inhale, exhale. There’s the future.

    • Water is a wonderful thing, Joella. I have noticed that if I am feeling a bit sluggish, drinking extra water perks me right up. (way more than caffeine) Plus, water helps clean out the impurities in the body. I have also noticed that I feel better in the summer months because I drink more water…it’s amazing how powerful that liquid is.

      Anxiety is a bitch…to put it mildly. I have learned what some of my triggers are and have managed to soften the blow sometimes, but as with anything in life…it’s a work in progress.

      As for the yard/garden…we did manage to clear away the ‘fall’ debris on New Years day and it was unbelievably satisfying to finally get that monkey off my back. After the fact…I always realize the procrastination wasn’t necessary. lol

  9. Hey! I’m sorry yr going thru this, this too shall pass 🙂 I try to do things to get me off theinternet, I hv found Susan Powter’s blog good for her yoga, it is an easy yoga for starting, and it is an interesting blog, I once took a yoga course and it was heaven! I have health problems and can only do so mmuch so I find yoga a great release, easy to do and when yhou don’t want to go out of your house you have a good exercise! Have a good New Year! hugs!

    • Just over a decade ago we didn’t have this internet problem keeping us imprisoned. lol I often wonder what I did in the past to keep myself occupied while at home. I keep going back to the idea of yoga….however, it is difficult to get motivated or stay motivated once I get started.

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