The Scary Place

We have an enclosed shed structure on the side of our house that we have never used because it’s too damn spooky and has been home to a variety of spiders. There is an open slat on the front door of this place and on windy days all sorts of debris blows in to face its final destination. (we are not about to go in there with a broom) One day, I was brave enough to open the back door and film inside…

(If you have trouble viewing this video, turn off the HD option on the lower right side of the play bar. Enjoy…)

– I edited this video under the light of February’s full moon –


The Scary Place — 8 Comments

  1. That was great! I honestly kept waiting from first frame to last for something nasty to happen lol When YOU can do that just with the suggestion of a simple surrounding and sounds, thats truly a TALENT!

    • Thanks Gail….Oh believe me, I thought about doing one of those ‘scary face’ surprises at the end, but I didn’t want to hear all the complaints that would have surly followed.

    • It’s a great space, actually. It goes the length of the house and has roof tiles so it’s completely waterproof. The only down side is it’s only 6′ at it’s highest point and then slopes down to a little less than 5′, so walking through it upright is impossible. Both me and Wylde are 6’2″. For now, I will leave it to the spiders…lol

    • I have more fun making the creepy and weird stuff. I also have discovered how much fun using different sounds effects can be. Sometimes, when I’m out and about I will film something just for the sound track and then remove the visuals later. You’d be surprised at how often the sounds you hear in my videos are dubbed in from another time. lol

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