The Soul

Cloud-septGood-bye…it’s so permanent when we say it to those who have passed over to another existence. Where does the soul really go? Does it wait for loved ones to join them on the other side before moving on? Move on to where, an unknown resort in an unknown sky?

I can see now why man created religion, it explains the unexplainable and settles the mind. It is reassuring to believe our spirit will live on forever to frolic in the sweet-scented fields of the after-world.

In truth, none of us know for certain what happens in the great beyond. We only know today and the miles of yesterdays we’ve already traveled through. So for now, I will drink my morning coffee, smile at the birds collecting breakfast from the lawn and take comfort in knowing where I am today.


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  1. I am PLEASED that I don’t have to believe in an after-life. It makes me appreciate more the beauty of the world we have around us – while we have it around us.

  2. I love looking at clouds. My imagination always turns them into pictures of something else. In the case of your photo above, within a millisecond of seeing it on the facebook stream, I thought, “Popeye!”

    • I see Popeye now too! I always believe that every shape will eventually show itself in a cloud…spread over eternity of course.

  3. I tried to see Popeye but tray as I might, I couldn’t…but I do see a small girl with a butterfly on her nose, a bow in her hair, wings fluttering and her finger point …over there…keep on going….

    • I wrote this little post a short while after my aunt Doris passed away. It was a difficult time for me to get through, but I am slowly making peace with the situation. Funny you mentioned butterflies, because a few years back, during my aunts yearly visit, we dressed her and my mother up in butterfly wings, false eyelashes, ball gowns made from sheets and filmed a photo book story called The Butterfly Princesses . Wylde wrote the story in a childrens book style. I will post it on this blog eventually.

  4. i see popeye! and ruby i can also see what u refer to. steven – sorry about your aunt. there are many speculations as to what happens to the soul – i like to believe i will go on to be with old friends and family (and pets – look up rainbow bridge on the internet) to a wonderfull world where all is right and there is no pain or sorrow. i will spend some time ther until it is time to go on to finish what it is that i need to finish or possibly begin anew. and the circle goes round and round and we all meet again along the way. may your aunt be in a beautiful peaceful place.

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