The Trails

The Trails Park stretches about one mile through an affluent neighborhood in Summerlin, Nevada. The head of the trail begins with a sports complex and ends with a Baptist Church where the wealthy residents can pray away their guilt of being in the top one percent.

An empty field where nonathletic kids are frequently bullied._DSC5128

The sidewalk is mostly uphill so be ready to feel the burn in your legs and lungs. There are plenty of park-benches available for the less in-shape to sit down, so don’t let years of unhealthy living stop you from enjoying one of Summerlin’s finest parks._DSC5155

Several tunneled underpasses along the trail give visitors a sense they are NOT as safe from crime as the statistics for the area claim._DSC5022

Many homes along the path have backyard views of the park, but the visitors to the park also have views of everyone’s backyard. There’s no nude sunbathing or sex on the veranda in this neighborhood!_DSC5030Gloria insisted on having this photograph taken of herself as proof she’s still active and healthy, but I think she just needed an excuse to stop walking for a minute. _DSC5033

The view of the mountains and the curve of the sidewalk create a wonderful escape route for would-be criminals who have cased this quiet neighborhood for an opportunity._DSC5035There are several grassy areas equipped with playgrounds for children where the squeals and screams of youth can permeate the tranquility of all the homes close-by._DSC5077These lucky million-dollar homeowners have sweeping views of the city from their upstairs balcony which they have never enjoyed because of the long hours it takes to be consumed by greed and ambition._DSC5028

We had to climb a dangerous hill, navigate around a row of bushes and stick the camera lens through an opening in a security fence to get this picture of  a windowless estate. We must have looked like the Paparazzi._DSC5075

At the west end of the trail there’s a large grassy area no resident has ever stepped foot on because it was completely unblemished and perfectly manicured._DSC5042

A typical road through Summerlin looks much like this. Houses and plants mixed together in a kaleidoscope of painful suburbia._DSC5054

We captured this rare image of Summerlin residents walking through their natural habitat._DSC5087

Going east on the trail is much easier because it is downhill. Next time we plan to bring along a pair of skateboards and a GoPro for the mile-long decent. Gloria’s going first!_DSC5058

Another lovely oasis where one can sit on a park-bench and relax with a close-up view of a tree trunk._DSC5080

All in all this park was refreshing and enjoyable even if we felt like unwelcome intruders in a Stepford Wives neighborhood._DSC5066

The road leading to the park. On one side is a large shopping complex and on the other side is a water guzzling section of the park which basically gives the finger to the severe drought conditions that have plagued the western states for a decade._DSC5139

Gloria is a risk taker and I challenged her to walk across a dangerous suspension bridge while I balanced precariously on the edge of a curb to capture this amazing action shot.Gloria-Bridge

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The Trails — 8 Comments

  1. Loved it…felt like the Apocalypse of Zombies had already arrived in this neighborhood. Very brave of you for making the trek.

    • It was risky, Janet, but the rewards were worth it. I won’t return without more protection though. I should have applied a stronger sunscreen!

  2. I just love your area! just a beautiful contrast of greens and browns. The beauty is just stunning… love the Gloria pictures and stop animation.

    • Vegas is visually unusual for sure, Ish. I prefer the natural desert look, but can appreciate all the man-made stuff too.

  3. Oh golly, you made me laugh! But yeah, the water waste is appalling – What the heck makes people think it’s okay to have grass now? Lots of folks here are taking theirs out and others are not watering – it goes dormant and will come back if it rains within a couple of months. Better to take it out and plant native stuff – a few drops a year will keep it going. On the other hand, the views of the mountains, the blue skies, even the 1%ers homes are certainly fun to look at.

    • I worry about the future water availability in Vegas and am frustrated the county is not slowing down new development and implementing stronger restrictions on outdoor water usage. I don’t know what the politicians are thinking! I seriously wonder what the future of my city will be in another ten years or so.

  4. I would have enjoyed the Trunk bench, as there’s nothing better than watching bark grow. (lol) Great photos as always.

    • Perhaps the bench would be good for stalkers and voyeurs as the tree truck would provide a place to quickly hide behind. Thanks for stopping by Jean.

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