The Window

People don’t always care about us. It could be the result of a personality clash, generalized social indifference or even a deep seeded mistrust of humanity. Sometimes, their reason is far less significant, yet sadly we allow that reason to have a negative affect on our self-esteem.

We are just one life in the sea of billions. From that, there is somebody, somewhere that will care about us. The odds are in our favor, so when we dance alone and cry alone, we should remember that self-worth begins from within and no matter how unlikable we feel or unlovable we think we are, there is a person in this big world who is ready and willing to become our friend anyway. All we have to do is open the window and let them in.


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  1. This is beautiful and true. I found out, finally, that if I wanted friends who wouldn’t end up hurting me, that I had to be myself right from the beginning. That was tough.

    Thank you for this video Steven. Thank you Dani!

    • It’s difficult for people to be themselves sometimes, only because society creates a check list of personality traits deemed most desirable and if we don’t fall into the right category, we can be made to feel less than. Silly world…

  2. wow Steven, how did you get that video of me in my window?

    I’ll never forget my first experience when I first moved to small town USA, and people laughed with me, at things I said, I thought wow, maybe I have a sense of humor, it was wonderful feeling accepted and loved…

    Momma B Uglie (my alter ego) became a town hit, people would come in to the deli just to see if she was in town that day, or ask when she was coming back into the deli… So, after having to leave the town where I actually, for the first time in my life, felt loved and accepted and having to go back to the town where I grew up from 12 years on, and really truly hated living at, Momma decided to come out for Halloween. She had to stop at wally world for a few things before going out to the BBQ… you have no idea how devastated she felt as people walked 10 ft around and away, looking as tho saying “omg, I hope she doesn’t talk to me” – tears rolling down my face as I think of that day…

    She went on to the BBQ, opened up as usual, but dressed as Momma B Uglie, usual customers came in, saw her standing awaiting their orders, only to have them look and go on to subway (yuck) by the end of the day, she was devastated, went home, put the bubba teeth away, the floppy hat and curtain skirt in a bag, and never taken out again. That is how my life is now… behind closed windows, curtains pulled….only to truly be myself with friends I don’t even see….in real-life.

    The rest of the time I put on my happy face, moving thru life as the person I’m supposed to be….wondering if I will ever get out of the glass cage of living in a town full of hidden agendas, false prides, religious zealots with the better than thou attitudes….

    Thank you Steven….for putting pictures in my head to be able to express the words….

    • It sounds like Momma B Uglie needs to kick some religious zealot ass!. . . and find a way to move away. Your sensitive, creative spirit should be living in an artsy community, somewhere out here. The small town attitude is not conducive to a happy lifestyle. Move west Momma!

    • I’m just one, walking, talking emotion, Liz. Sometimes, I am too deep for even myself. lol People have always said to me “relax Steve…just relax.” Oh well, I guess it’s better to have extra emotion, compared to none at all.

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