Time Lapse Thru Life

Living in Las Vegas is like living on an island because the city is separated from other cities by huge expanses of barren desert. Finding things to do here can be a challenge. A favorite pastime is driving through less-traveled neighborhoods with my video camera and my thoughts.

For better quality viewing, watch in ↑ HD (720p or higher)….

For those who are familiar with Vegas, this drive begins on West Cheyenne Ave & North Hualapai Way and ends on North Grand Canyon Drive & West Lone Mountain RoadEnjoy…


Time Lapse Thru Life — 3 Comments

  1. Be sure and switch the video setting to HD (lower right corner of the video, after it begins to play.) if you want a better quality visual.

    I enjoy filming these little driving vids because on playback I notice all sorts of interesting things happening along the side of the road that I didn’t notice during the original drive. Of course, the voyeur in me keeps hoping I will catch a person or two engaging in "unusual" behavior of some sordid kind.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog again. ((((Giant Hugs To Everyone))))

  2. Loved it, Steve. Thanks for putting it on the blog. Funny that I only saw One pedestrian during your entire drive. That is pretty sad but seems typical in many SouthWestern towns, perhaps due to their design? Phoenix has a lot of traffic islands, too,and entire communities are behind walls and separated by long stretches of just road. It’s like the Zombie Apocalypse already happened in a sense of speaking.

    • I’d love to live in a more user friendly town, Janet. Yeah, Phoenix is a bit worse than Vegas in that your city is bigger and hotter, so to travel by bicycle or on foot, would be uncomfortable at best. Fortunately, we can still find hiking trails and parks in both cities that allow us the freedom to exercise when we need to.

      This drive was along the very outer edge of the northwest part of Vegas where the only traffic is from residents of the area and “looky-loos” like me. Actually, we don’t live very far from here, but still wish we lived right on the mountains edge instead.

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