Tis the season…

Christmas Tree

It’s the holiday season and I should be happy! The warmth and glow of this special time of year should be a comfort to weary emotions and fill my heart with love and joy. I could be happy, I would be happy, if only the mad frenzy of Christmas shopping zombies were not hell-bent on sending my faint yuletide mood straight into the pit of retail hell. I will be glad to ring in the new year.


Tis the season… — 4 Comments

    • Well, the world didn’t end this year so we are back to spending money we don’t want to spend on Christmas gifts for next year. An organized person would shop throughout the year and avoid the retail rush in December, but I’d never be able to hold onto gifts for that long!

    • The worst is over…finally. One more busy weekend left in the year and then it’s back to normal craziness! I hope your holiday season was a good one Liz and at the very least, a tasty one. I should learn to bake, maybe it would help smooth over the holiday rough spots.

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