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As you know, I am not a religious person. Actually, I despise what organized religion does to civilized society because it promotes hate and judgment against those who do not follow the teachings of the Bible, or whatever ancient papyrus scroll somebody pulled out of the dirt. However, I do believe in Mother Nature, especially when she takes it upon herself to set the record straight about who has control over this planet and based on the pictures below, it sure as hell isn’t religion!


Following a fierce wind storm, a mesquite tree fell on a Tree Of Life Ministries vehicle, smashing its windshield and holding it captive under the tangled weight of her branches.

TREE05Oh the irony…



Tree Of Life — 7 Comments

    • Mesquite trees are so hardy, all theyโ€™d need to do to save it is prop it up a bit and cover the roots with dirt.

    • Good idea, Rob. I wonder if the church will blame the tree accident on gay people or Obama? That seems to be the popular reasoning used by Christians in America these days.

  1. Yup – it’s always a shame to lose a tree. Religions come and go and will unfortunately always be a part of human life. Hopefully more people can rise above it.

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