twitterHere are a few of my unnoticed tweets from over the years. I have about thirty collective followers (between two twitter accounts), one person is dead, another is myself and the rest are anti-twitter people who opened an account for no apparent reason in the known world.

Oh wait, I do have one active follower who tweets obsessively about the Jodi Arias trial and “once” on my Eyeronics account, Cher accidentally replied to my reply to her reply on a tweet about Donald Trump. Yep, I’m seriously rockin’ it on the Twitterverse….












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  1. There must be something weird about my friends and twitter….not only are my followers not active on twitter, but my blog visitors have not made a comment on this post either. I am starting to think twitter to my friends is like insect repellant to a Mosquito.

    • Not brave enough? Oh come on, it would be fun and with your witty writing skills I’m sure you’d be great at tweeting. Open an account as Solomonswizdom and use it for those moments when you have something great to say, but don’t have the time write an entire blog post. I would follow you. Please consider it…then I’d have someone to actually share replies with. As it is now, I feel like the only bird in my flock 🙂

      • Well, I decided to “just do it.” I’d been contemplating tweeting for awhile anyway. Your cyber-support helped me make a decision. I’ll view it as a social experiment. I’m SolomonsWizdom. What’s next, Facebook? Oy.

        • Hooray! Give it a little time and you might even end up as a Tweetaholic. YES to Facebook, especially for keeping in touch with family and close friends, unless you don’t like your family and prefer anonymous Internet friends, in which case Facebook could be perfect for you. HINT – Facebook is also the best way to grow your blog viewership because it’s extra easy for friends and followers to click on a link in their news feed that takes them directly to Stick with me Rebecca and I’ll make sure you’re totally cyber-connected in no time. 🙂

          • You’re a sweetie, Steve. I’ll see how Twitter works out. Maybe some Malibu mogul will discover me. If so, I’ll give you partial credit!

  2. I so understand all your idiosyncrasies’! however, my dog doesn’t wait for flies to land – he just eats the shit. if u watch will and grace ever cher is a god to jack – maybe she will come visit u also in one of your episodes. I like REAL power and I love near 10,000 watches or bracelets. I am also one who cannot keep things to just a tweat. it is off to fb I go and am boring your midlife crisis words about not fucking with u!! lol

  3. I try and keep up with this stuff but try as I might I fail… those are funny as heck. And I’m a loyal follower! LOL if I had that thing fed to my phone or something I might actually see some of this stuff. there a way to just get notifications of certain people? this is a riot steve

    • Social media has become like a full time job to keep connected because there are too many parts and pieces scattered all around the Internet. How great would it be if we could combine all of it into one big digital orgy, then we’d only need one password and login to access everything in the world. Oh wait, that’s already Google’s master-plan for the universe isn’t it?

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