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Alien A friend telephoned me last night and was in an elated mood because she had just seen an unidentified flying object (UFO) zoom over her house and disappear into the horizon. It glowed red/orange with secondary lights twinkling around the outer edges and was astonishingly silent. To reinforce her credibility, she was not alone and shared the sighting with a friend, making the experience harder to dispute.

Are we actually being visited by advanced civilizations or is the military secretly testing new technology? That is the question most of us are tired of asking because society has collected too many credible UFO stories (worldwide) to continue believing the government’s denial of such events.

In my opinion, whatever is happening in the sky and beyond will have a direct impact on life as we know it. I firmly believe in the possibility of life on other planets and assume there is an abundance of it, after all, space presumably never ends, so with odds like that, it would be impossible for Earth to be the only life-sustaining rock out there.

So the real question at hand is, what do alien visitors want and why are they not contacting us?


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  1. I have never thought the government (or governments) were behind the most mysterious of sightings…it just doesn’t make sense to me and like Judge Judy always says “If it doesn’t make sense it probably didn’t happen.” (or something like that.)

    I believe we have been visited in the past and might possibly be descendants of a more advanced life form. Ask yourself this…do you really believe the world’s pyramids were cut using copper chisels and determination? Once again, if it doesn’t make sense…

    I also lean more towards believing they still visit us, but the question of why. . . makes me a bit nervous.

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