Unleashed Dog

Dogs At Gate

Before I had finished my first cup of morning coffee, a small unleashed dog ran across our property and stopped in front of the metal gate leading into our backyard where it was greeted, snout to snout, by Sabrina and Rocky, our two large and territorial dogs. As expected, a frenzied and noisy canine gang fight immediately ensued through the openings in the gate.

As I rushed to intervene and separate our angry and emotional dogs from the furry trespasser, the unleashed dog’s female owner appeared and I yelled to her, “You need to keep your dog on a fucking leash!” Next, the woman sternly informed me the pet had escaped from its yard and was running away from being captured. She picked up her dog and began to exit our property when she abruptly stopped, turned towards me and said, “FUCK YOU!”

TODAY’S VALUABLE LIFE LESSON IS: Apparently, “Fuck you!” is the modern translation for “I’m sorry.”


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  1. We decided to cover the bottom half of our gate with something to prevent the dogs from sticking their snouts through the openings. Hopefully this will prevent any future fights with unleashed dogs.

    It’s frustrating that we have to modify OUR property because of irresponsible dog owners who refuse to follow laws and respect others.

  2. Well, fuck you is certainly a universal saying! My dog has to be walked by my friend since I cannot do it. She happens to be the deputy county dog warden also!! So when this yellow lab got out of his yard and ran after them, she let it go once, the second time she gave the owners a verbal warning and the third and final time she gave them a citation that cost them 150.00!! Aww the nicer perks in my life!!

    • Lucky you! I need to be hooked up with a member of the doggie police for my area. lol

      I was very upset over this incident, but looking back, I now realize the woman was equally as upset over chasing her crazy dog all through the neighborhood. Oh well, we both shot the word “fuck” at each other and went our separate ways. Hopefully she learned a lesson and will be more careful in controlling her dog next time.

    • Dogs are so difficult to photograph, I kept throwing stones at the gate in hope they would both look at the camera at the same time. Obviously that didn’t happen, but this shot worked too.

  3. It’s so common to drop the F-bomb. I’m also guilty of it, because it’s convenient. I try to curb my mouth, but I put my f**king foot in it anyway. I hope that you don’t have to deal with that weird woman again. I can understand why you’d be upset. I’m glad, though, that your dogs are okay. They were just protecting your property.

  4. Yup, it happens a thousand times a day all over the U.S. Dumb ass people with their dogs. I don’t fault the dogs, it’s the inconsiderate owners.
    Here’s one for you. Years ago I bought a new house in an upscale neighborhood. Within a year, just about 2 blocks away. Some asshole developer decided to build a trailer park. Not too long after, came the white trash walking by to shit their dogs in my front yard.
    One young chick came by every morning with her dog and stopped in my yard. I got up early and caught her. I screamed “Go shit your dog in your yard”. And she replied with the F bomb. Which only fueled my rage. I stepped out the front door and said, “I will be looking for you tomorrow and I’ll have a bucket of shit to dump all over you!”
    She never came back.

    • Hahaha Now, that’s funny! I have not seen my friendly neighbor again either, but after I thought more about her situation, I realized the little dog might have actually accidentally escaped. Oh well, a little “fuck you” bantering between neighbors is good for the soul.

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