I am not a cat person, but there was one special feline family member that captured my heart with his charm and beauty. Vinnie wasn’t like most cats, he was supermodel material and rarely did much else but sit and pose accordingly.  His eyes were so blue you’d almost believe he had the ability to pull a piece of the sky into them each time he looked up.

I rescued him from the pound as a gift to my boyfriend at the time.  But, as many stories go, that relationship ended, he moved out and I retained custody of the cat. Fortunately, my best dog friend, Charlie, had already made friends with Vinnie and helped him through the transition of saying good-bye to Scotty.

The three of us became a smaller, yet happy family, with one exception, I’m allergic to cats. I wasn’t able to cuddle with Vinnie like Scotty had. I was only able to pet and brush him for short periods of time, otherwise my skin would develop an itchy rash. However, all was not lost, because sometimes my impulse to kiss him on the bridge of the nose and squeeze him tight overpowered my sneezy, itchy, watery eyed allergic reaction. He seemed to fully appreciate my painful sacrifice.

Luckily for Vinnie, he had Charlie and eventually my new roommate Kevin and his cat Browse to shower him with attention and provide warm bodies to snuggle up against.  (or pick the occasional play fight with)

Vinnie lived a long and lazy life. . .

The image at the top of the page is my artistic rendering of Vinnie. Created from the last photograph taken of him before he passed on to the kitty afterworld. . .


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  1. I’ve seen that kind of cat play so many times. What I think it means is “let me smell your face; what have you been eating that I didn’t get any of?” I’m sorry you lost Vinnie, and am glad you get to know him while he was here. That drawing is so beautiful with the butterflies inside the eyes-transformation-. We lost Toby, the kitten on my profile, in ’06. He was my best friend, my cat love. It’s hard to explain. I could talk to him and he would respond. When he got older I had to wash his back for him because he couldn’t turn his head that far. All I had to say was “let’s go wash your back” and he would go jump up on the chair we always used. When I was down he would get on the bed with me and massage my shoulder and arm. He died in my arms.

    You should be forever glad you rescued Vinnie and gave him a happy home. I’m sure you are as I look at that picture and read how you went through the allergies to give him a kiss.

    • I created the image using several different filtering techniques in Photoshop. The little butterflies in his eyes are hand drawings that I scanned into the computer and re-fitted for the picture.

  2. glad vinnie died with his fav people animals! the picture u made of him is absolutely incredible!! i love it- really love it! do u well reprints? (copies) i would like to buy one if in
    my price range!

    • Actually. Sue, I do sell prints from my Zazzle store and the price range is very affordable, depending on the size and paper type. I haven’t added the image of Vinnie yet, but I will soon. There are two versions, one square and one rectangle. PM me with your size requirement and price range (the poster prints are really inexpensive)

  3. What a terrific video! I was too blessed to have had the opportunity to live with Vinnie (and Charlie) for a few months. He was quite the little man! He was so statuesque as he must have known how beautiful he was. Remember Steve how Vinnie’s slow and lazy life turned a bit upside down when I arrived with my 2 feline friends?? Ha..ha!! Vinnie was a perfect gentleman through it all…albeit a “cautious” one for sure! Amazingly all three of them adapted quite well and very quickly. After all, who could resist those “Vinnie Blues” eh???

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