Vintage 2013

The shadows have arrived.

Jumping The Wire.
Lost shoe

“I’m a nose licker, so what?”

The demon awaits.
Creepy door

“Stop honking in my ear, it’s annoying.”

Beautiful Destiny

“What? Did you just say TREAT?”
Rocky Boy

Only rats and spiders know what’s behind this gate.
Flood channel

“Can anybody hear me?”

“How did this damn tree get in our way?”
Watch the tree!

“When you said go for a run, the middle of nowhere is not what I expected.”


Vintage 2013 — 11 Comments

  1. Having coffee and looking at your awesome pictures. Steven have you ever realized since YOU are the photog I mean…that nearly ALL your pictures tell a story of what you are shooting or at the very least they raise questions in ones mind? I mean like the sneaker on the fence, i asked myself who did it? Why and where is the other sneaker? LOL Before i read the title “The Demon Awaits” I thought OMG THATS A SCARY PLACE! And i thought what a great little fort for a kid to bring toys to and hang out. It looks to maybe a crawl space which would make a great hide out LOL The sailboat in the water is beautiful too and it had me asking myself if those on the boat were there for the day or were they headed out on a journey and where were they going. in SHORT, your pictures HOLD INTEREST and when a photograph can hold interest? THAT IS ART! I have been to real New York Art Shows where artists have poured their hearts out creating an oil painting or a charcoal sketch or some other beauty they have on display and YOU snap a picture (I know after focus and zoom settings etc.) And the real art, the living art is captured with your lens. I appreciate your pictures so much You need to rent space and do a one man show!
    Gail 🙂

    • Thanks Gail. I love photography because it truly does capture a single moment in life, one that never happens again in exactly the same way or light. I also enjoy the editing process because it gives me the opportunity to “tweak” the final visual outcome. Thank goodness for today’s technology!

      The sneaker on the fence is my favorite in this gallery, only because I’m amazed at how many lone shoes you can find while out and about. I always wonder if the mysterious shoe is an extra one, or if the person who lost it hobbled home on one foot?

      Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a square crop and have discovered that most images balance very well within equal sides….with the exception of sweeping landscape panoramas, of course. Do you have the ability to crop your images?

    • Thank you Kathy. These photos are not showstoppers, but they do give a small glimpse into my world. I’m working on the follow-up gallery of color images next.

    • Until I converted the photo to black & white, I had no idea just how much color was in Sabrina’s tongue. Dogs….it’s almost impossible to get a good shot because they’re constantly moving around and looking this way and that. The one good thing about cats is they sit still.

  2. I always enjoy the experience of your photos – this group especially! I like the one that only spiders and rats know whats in there – I think many others also know what is in there!
    I recently bought a photo for my birthday – a female cardinal on a cold grey day. the lighting is spectacular – I thought she was a blue bird until I saw the red of her tail. I am close to running out of wall space but to bring out the blue – I hung her under a blue clock – somehow I will figure how to share it with u!!!
    now the shoe is nothing new here – I am probably the only one without a pic of it. it seems to have started long ago that people just hung a shoe on a big old tree until it was full – I think that was 2 0r 3 trees ago – and like u I always wondered what happened for someone to loose a shoe (or 2), I guess people found them near the tree and nailed them up there for th owner to come retrieve.
    thanks for a happy fb minute!!!!!

    • It’s surprising how often I come across abandoned shoes. My best friend Gloria always thought it would fun to make a coffee table photo book of lost footwear. She’d title it LOST SOLES. In recent years, I’ve seen shoes tossed up on utility wires. My guess is teenagers are making a statement or playing practical jokes on their friends by hanging shoes in high places, guess it’s better than graffiti.

      • I will take my camera/phone next I go by there. I used to think that people had been hit and killed by cars there when I was young but that was not the case – I will ask around.

  3. These pictures are awesome. ALL of them are great! I think my favorite one is the tennis shoe one and the jogging one. I like how you did the nose licker too with just the tongue being colored. it gives the illusion of being a color picture yet with the nostalgia attached to it.

    • Thank you Ish. I like the hanging shoe photo too. The jogger was a ‘drive-bye’ shooting, meaning we drove past her while on a drive in Red Rock and shot the photo from a moving car. Sabrina’s pink tongue…the colors in the picture seemed to compete with her, so I converted everything to black & white except her eyes and tongue, that seemed to do the trick.

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