Walking Alone

It’s the new year and I couldn’t be happier about it! Don’t get me wrong, 2013 wasn’t a bad year, it’s just that I find the holiday season stressful and tiring. I prefer a much slower environment to live in and being stuck in a popular city like Las Vegas only adds to the constant flow of people moving about invading each others personal Zen. I’m not really antisocial. I’m mostly anti-crowds.

Thankfully, Vegas offers its people an abundant array of parks to find some bit of peace away from the traffic and noise, especially new parks built on the outskirts of town and that’s exactly where I go when the energy hum of metropolis finally breaks me down.

During most park adventures I walk with my best friend, Gloria, but the holidays have prevented us from meeting up, so I ended 2013 by walking alone and thinking about her instead.

(If this video stops and starts, click off the HD feature on the play ↑ bar.)


Walking Alone — 4 Comments

  1. I think I like this Gloria Could u please tell me the name of what I wear on your head ? I would like to read what it is about and it’s used. We have a glorious day here also Trying to get out and enjoy it.

  2. Great blog Steven. I love the way you speak of Gloria with respect, love & admiration and also how well your sister is doing. Great news for her and perhaps for others who watch.

    • Lifelong friends make living sweeter, Liz. My heart goes out to those who do not realize the importance of maintaining friendships throughout their lifetime, because in the end, life only has meaning if others remember who we were.

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