Steven in 1988

hair style from the 1980sI woke up one day and realized 55 was actually my age and not a speed limit. WTF? How did that happen? Wasn’t 1988 just the other week? Seriously? I qualify for senior discounts now? Me? This can’t be right. Somewhere in the mix of life I must have been transported into the future and will wake up tomorrow with my mind and body in sync with time again. My hair will be long, my muscles tone, and that orange pair of parachute pants hung neatly in the closet. Or not.


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  1. Wow bro!!!! You were hot then and you still remain to be hot!!! Some folks like yourself keeps their looks!!! I’m jealous.

    • Thank you Lyndee. I don’t see myself as hot anymore but there’s no point in shedding tears over ageing skin when nothing can stop it from happening…..unless you have mad Photoshop skills! haha

  2. Yeah, photoshop is the way to go – good idea! If it goes poorly, redoing it is not dangerous, you don’t end up looking like a freak. I think I’ll do that and just walk around with a poster of the face I choose! LOL! I agree with Lyndee – you’re mighty handsome! I think you’re more handsome now than you were then. Isn’t it weird how fast time goes now?

    • Yes time goes by too fast, unless we’re standing in a checkout line at the grocery store!

      I go through phases with getting older. Sometimes I don’t feel a bit different than I always have and other times I wonder who that person in the mirror belongs to. Haha Life is an emotional adventure to be sure. I like your idea about using a poster as a mask though.

  3. Yeah, I’m going to be 70 this summer and seriously don’t get how that happened. Time has flown by. Gary will be 77 next week and he’s feeling it of course. with all he’s been through this last couple of years.

    Sometimes I dream of Skiing again, or my dream of skydiving came true. Yeah, not bloody likely. Many years ago, when my Mother in Law hit 50 she said the same, that sometimes she felt 18 again and was shocked to see that old woman in her mirror. I thought it was a goofy thing to think until an old woman looked at me from my mirror. Whoever that bitch is, I’d surely like to block her! 😀

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